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Ty Jeffers Interview

Photo - Ryan Grant

Scenario – I’m sitting at the shop on a Sunday afternoon, with Doon and Jordan Marsh. Ty pulls up with two tall cans of Guinness. One for me, one for himself. We go around the back and all sit down to interview Ty.

Jarryd: So, Tell me some things about yourself, skatefeen? Ty: I like to skate, I like to make videos… and I like to skate.

Jordan: What do you do for a crust?

Ty: I do concreting with my father, and I study at Wollongong University. I just finished a bachelor of Digital media, pretty proud of that one.

Jarryd: When did you start skateboarding? Ty: I started skateboarding at the age of 12, just around year 7 in high school. And I was introduced to skateboarding by old best friend, we went street skating and that was it for me.

Jordan: More importantly, how many second hand boards do you think you’ve skated this year? Ty: (Laughs) in this past year, probably over 20

Photo - Rodney Ip

Doon: Do you remember your first spot? Ty: it was a shitty little drop, and the landing was about a meter and a half.

Doon: What was your first board? Ty: my first board was a speed demons complete set up, from Shellharbour SDS

Jarryd: What was your first skate video? Ty: My first skate video was Slave – radio television

Jarryd: Who had your favorite part in that video? Ty: I haven’t watched it in that long but Frecks, his part was sick!

Wallride NYC Photo - Rodney Ip

Lipslide Photo - Rodney Ip

Jarryd: Who/what influences your skating? Ty: Fuck, that’s a hard one.. I think just the whole scene around town (Wollongong.) The skate community is what influences me, The local stuff. And, you know Thrasher magazine on YouTube. I’ve always liked the out there skaters – William spencer, Gou Miyagi. There is too many good skaters out there to have a favorite.

Jarryd: Favorite Wollongong skateboarder? Ty: Sam Giles, because he’s been going at it for so long, and still rips it so hard. Jarryd: I agree, dude is amazing on a board. I think it’s been sick watching him pull up at that new ghetto spot lately, and kill it.

Nosegrind Photo - Ryan Grant

Jarryd: What interests you outside of skateboarding? Ty: I like to make videos, I like editing, Photography. Anything in the creative field tickles my fancy.

Jarryd: Chickos or sneaky burger? Ty: Depends if I want to feel healthy or not. If I want to feel healthy I go for Chickos. (Laughs.)

Heelflip Photo - Ryan Grant

Jarryd: How was your recent trip to the states this year? Tell me a funny story that happened. Ty: The trip was fuckin’ unbelievable. Opened my eyes to heaps. A funny story – How we all decided to smoke cigarettes inside the airbnb. It stared off as just a friendly joke, and then turned into an opium den. (Laughs)

Jarryd: Do you have any plans for the New Year - travel wise? Ty: I’ve got nothing really planned, But I need to go check out the new skate parks in Sydney and then next year, hopefully whatever you’re doing travel wise ha ha.

Ollie Photo - Ryan Grant

Jarryd: Worst trend in skateboarding Ty: Hmm…

Jarryd: Don’t be shy, just anything you don’t like. For example for years pop shove tail grabs were fucking wack. Tight pants? Nollie smiths? Ty: I done a nollie smith down the berks rail the other day (Laughs) I was like sick! (All laughing) I can’t hate too much on anything.

Jarryd: I want something out of you! Ty: Mall grabbing. I think you’re a fucking idiot if you do it because if you actually skate, and you use your trucks you’ll get metal splinters in your hands.

Jarryd: What skateboarder has the worst style? Ty: someone that I see a lot, on social media. Jeff something.. He does triple flips down massive stair sets. He’s like a stiff solid piece of lumber. He does 360 hard flips down stairs too, it’s really impressive but it just doesn’t look good. He goes live on instagram sometimes with his misso, you can tell it’s just for an ego boost. He shared screens with me one time and I called him out for it (All laughing.)

Crooked Grind Photo - Rodney Ip

Jarryd: I want to know, do you have any tattoos? Ty: I have a tiny little cross on my leg that I did when I was 14. I also got “Thrasher” tattooed on the inside of my lips when I turned 18.

Jarryd: If you could have any sponsor, what would it be? (skate or non skate related) Ty: Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Doon: What about a shoe sponsor? Since you got shitty shoes all the time (All laughing) Ty: I don’t know I don’t really have a favorite, I just wear whatever. It would be sick to get on Pass~Port. Because they’re Australian and they make really fuckin’ good boards. Jarryd: Fuck yeah.

Jordan: Do you think your weed consumption will affect your performance in the upcoming 20/20 Olympics? (All laughing) Ty: It will affect my performance by 100%

Jarryd: So you’re saying it will be an enhancer? Ty: Oh for sure. When you get all sore, cramping up out there – Few tokes mate.. Back on there in no time.

Jarryd: Tell me a story, or something that has happened to you at Dicey Riley’s. Ty: There’s too many to pick from considering I’m there so regularly. There was a time where I was pissing in the bathroom, and there was an empty schooner in the troth, Thought I’d piss in it for fun, pissed in it until it was full. I came back in 10 minutes and it was still there but with less liquid. I can only assume that someone drank out of it (laughs.)

Doon: When you go to a spot that’s gnarly, how to you prepare yourself? Ty: I guess I just see something, and I imagine my self doing it, and I think about how it would feel. Then that feeling pushes me to get it done.

Jordan: What would you spend your last $20 on? Ty: Beers. Beers and weed if I can.

Jarryd: Anything else you’d like to share? Ty: I’ll just get a plug in... Follow me on Instagram @skatefeen

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