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Twenty Somethings Ep2

Interviewer Kane Horspool

Saxon Anderson

How old are you?

19 turning 20 this year.

How old were you when you first went to KSP?

6 weeks old mum said. Hahaha. Watching my older brothers riding around on bikes.

Haha that’s dope. Your brothers a good dude. We had beef with bike riders for a while but he was always a good one. Fires up a session. Is he still riding?

Not as much as he used to but still has a go every now and then.

Was it less intimidating going to the park with your older brother?

Yeah definetly, went to the park together for a long time so it was weird when he stopped going as much.

Whats some of the craziest shit you’ve seen go down up there?

Bam’s nollie big heel the bank to bank and Rays switch fronside flip down the 7 ft quarter comes to mind.

What about hi jinx? Do you have any stories of dodgy behaviour at KSP?

Nothing to bad really, pretty much people having little fires and taking cars in is as bad as it ever got while I’ve been there.

Who’s the best you’ve ever seen up there?

Jack O’Grady and a couple of the passport dudes rocked up randomly one day which was sick.

Who’s the ultimate local?

Probably Bam or Haven up there a few times a week.


Mitch Lee

How old are you and when did you first go to KSP?

I’m 26 now and first time at Kiama skater I was 12.

Who were you skating with when you first started?

Black Jack (Brady) and just a few other locals from Gainsborough, Toby, Gus King and Kel. Just used to skate the basketball court flat ground cause there was no skate park.

Kiama skate park is a bit secluded which means theres been some dodgy behaviour go go down over the years. Have you got any good stories of ruckus at the park?

Haha a few. Some I wouldn’t want to talk about but I remember one story ended up being pretty funny. I was at the skater and I was last to leave, I noticed that somebody had left there skater there and I didn’t know who. I ended up taking it and me being young and dumb I skated it the next day at Kiama. Not even thinking about it and the skate park was packed and Heath the bike rider put me on show in front of everyone yelling at me, telling me he would rip my head off. I thought he was going to bash me in front of everyone, calling me a thieving little dog and told me to give it back. I asked him who’s board it was and told him he just left it and I didn’t go out of my way to steal it. But the funny part of the story was it ended up being a pro surfers skateboard, Dylan Longbottom. I’m pretty sure that’s his name. End of the story I gave his board back, Heath didn’t kill me and I made friends with a pro surfer.

That story is gold. Last question, whos the best person to ever do it at KSP?

Fuck that’s too tough to answer. I had a lot of inspiration from there. Pete (Dalmer), Cam (Mullen), Fozza (Forrest Eddington), Benny (Mckee), Tod (Pearson), Ray (Macken), Ovo (Jae Overton) all pretty fun to watch. To pick one would make me feel bad and I bet I’m missing a few others. Jarren (Kerr).

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