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Top 3s With Robert Belter

Intro - Andrew Phillips Photos - Ryan Grant


Quiet and respectful kid who stood out straight away skating with a smooth mature style - drawing his flowing lines around Helensburgh skatepark.

That smooth mature style carries over into his everyday life too with his interests in nature , photography and learning - rob has a calm wise character about him which blends over to the way he skates- a pure pleasure to watch and skate around.

Things to do in the Burg

  • Not leave the Burgh

  • Shit talk everyone and everything (especially the Sutherland Shire)

  • Stay humble

Bush walks

  • Burgh Track

  • Any Royal National Park walk

  • Anywhere I haven’t been before


  • Stephen Shore

  • Joel Meyerowtiz

  • Fred Herzog

Boneless One - Dapto


  • Polaroid SX-70

  • Canon Auto Zoom 814 Super 8

  • Any 35mm camera

Recent photos you have shot

  • The Grounds of the City

  • Sydney Cranes

  • Royal National Park – Palm Gully

Local skateboarders

  • Dylan Ross

  • Andrew Phillips

  • Gerome Waters

Reasons to not have social media

  • Too anti-social

  • Seeing lame shit people from high school are doing

  • An Instagram page dedicated to myself seems a bit extravagant

  • At our family Christmas get together my cousin told me that when I didn’t follow him back on insta he felt “personally attacked”

  • Too many to be listed in a top 3 (already broke that rule… sorry Granty)

Things to go down at Helensburgh skatepark

  • Andrew Currie – back tail slide wallride

  • Jack Fardell – back blunt slide off the side of vert into the bank

  • Oski Rozenberg – ollie up from big bowl to nose pick vert

Pole Jam - Thirroul


  • Any movie with Clint Eastwood

  • I don’t really watch movies. They’re too dramatic. I’m not into drama

  • The only movies I ever watch are when I take a girl on a date and even then I’m too busy wiping the sweat off my forehead to pay attention to the movie

Skate vids

  • Tent City

  • Pretty Sweet

  • Passport’s ‘Kitsch’


  • ABBA

  • Fleetwood Mac

  • Mercyful Fate


  • The last book I read was Harry Potter. That was over 9 years ago…

Tail Block - Helensburgh


  • Gecko Pipe

  • Frews Gully Pipe – only visible via google earth

  • Snowy Mountains pipe (the one day I get to skate it)

Meals to Cook

  • Toasted sandwich with beetroot

  • Microwave my mum’s home cooking

  • Grilled cheese


  • Bundeena

  • Greenhills

  • Noble Park

Wallie Melon - Hellensburgh

Lockdown pastimes

  • Breaking the no skateparks rule

  • Bushwalks

  • Wondering what I’m going to do with my life now that all the gyms are closed


  • Lord Mayor of Helensburgh Skatepark

  • I only go by Robert…

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