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Stephen Ellis - Go Fund Me

Kane Horspool

Steve can’t do anything by halves, he is all in on everything, he has to be. Think about it. If he is rolling up to something he can’t just bail out, kick away or run it out. You might say to your homies its all or nothing on this one. But ultimately you can bail out. Stevie can’t, he has to be committed every single time. Like snowboarding on concrete there is no safe zone for Steve. And I imagine life is like that for Steve, nothing has been handed to him, he’s had to fight for everything and still he has the most infectious smile in the whole god damn city.

I’ve heard Steve use the saying “Everyone has a full plate” to explain that everyone has their issues. I agree but some of us are dealing with a saucer from a children’s tea set while people like Steve are dealing with the whole buffet table. I myself spent my entire twenties dealing with drug addiction and mental health issues but as an able bodied, straight white male the only thing that has stood in my way has been myself.

That is why Steve Ellis is my fucking hero, I’ve used him as inspiration for years. Even today I wasn’t going to go for a skate because my back hurt. Then I thought of all the barriers Steve comes up against every day, all of a sudden, a sore back doesn’t really even equate. So, the next time your whinging about your board sucking or its too windy to skate, think about Steve. Think about how he would catch a bus then a train and push himself up massive hills to get to the park. Dealing with the stares, the prejudice, the constant hurdles. Always with a grin, never complaining. No excuses. The world needs to hear stories like Steve’s, especially right now. His inspiration and motivation can save lives, literally, it already has. So please dig deep and donate what you can to the Go Fund Me campaign to help Steve get a car. Even if its just 5 bucks, for-go a long neck or a couple of durries this week and help Steve get some freedom we all take for granted.

Jarryd Rees

Stove is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. He’s a charismatic, humble guy that doesn’t like to ask much of others even though he deserves everything positive that comes his way.

The go fund me came about from us just always hanging out, skating a lot and speaking in depth about the disadvantages he unfortunately faces every day. It’s not much to do for your friend, I just wanted to see some change and help him advance. So much love for Stove.

Nick Rojas

Right... how can I describe Stephen? To start the man is seriously one of a kind! You have to bloody love him! I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t love The Stove, he has had one of the hardest life’s and up bringing but always manages to put it behind him to make everyone happy and feel comfortable.

Even with everything he is facing he is still here, fighting everyday and making memories with all his friends and family. Stove deserves nothing less than the world, let’s help to change this beautiful mans life for the better. Love you hermano ❤️🇨🇱

Marty Girotto

I met Steve (stove) when we were super 10 years old I think. He was a good cunt then and remains a good cunt now. Of all people to inspire me not just at skating, or with a great attitude towards life, Stove is a loving father of three. Who I enjoy talking to and picking his brain about the young ones with what to expect.

His sense of humour is off the chart. But not in a stupid way very smart and outside the box. As is he.

If his kids can drive around and have a laugh with dad like We have, they will be forever thankful and deserving.

I really believe that it does not take much from everyone to make a difference in this world. Even if it is a difference in one persons life that’s a huge start. Then that person will go on to help others and Steve is the perfect candidate for this.

He has a strong work ethic which I think people underestimate. A can do attitude and a lot of wisdom in a broad range of topics.

Steve having a car will be a life changer, not just for his kids, or him, but for each and every one of us who he can access quicker and easier due to this new addition to all of our lives.

The help we all give Steve for this car will be worth more than that cars weight in gold in the long run. Everyone has done great so far. Such a strong community

Please donate to a worth cause to the link below:

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