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Origins: Brandon Cullimore

Interview and Photos - Ryan Grant

Portrait - Tom Fletcher @candidtom

Clip - Jarryd Rees and Ben Laxton @vinylltd

Like all good super heroes, skateboarders all have great origin stories. Find out how local shredders came to be riding sidewards on stunt wood.

Brandon Cullimore is an east coast powerhouse. I can use this term easily as we live on the east coast and this young man skates with power. Always skating fast and possessing no comply that Mr Barbee would aprove of, it was a no brainer to find out where it all started for him.


First time you saw skateboarding?

I’d say the first time I saw skateboarding would’ve been when the first few THPS games came out. Because I actually started skating when I was a bit older, it’s kind of hard to remember the earlier memories

How old were you when you got your first board? Do you remember what it was too?

Well, there was always a rotten board just laying around, but I got my first proper setup when I was 12 or so. I think it may have been an Almost complete!

Haha yeah a board made of wheatbix that doesn’t roll is a great place to start.

Hahaha, for sure!


What about your first skate spot?

Like most people, probably my driveway. Hahaha. Although, the first real spot I remember going to would be Dusty’s.

Ah really Dusty’s at the old Howzat centre?

Yep! I remember rolling around there when I was like 12 years old!

That’s amazing! That spot was so sketchy as far as being able to breathe. Was there much left to skate around that time?

Man, being in that place was like sitting in an ashtray! There wasn’t really anything going on by the time I started skating there, it was a bit of a sandbox. My friends and I would always just play around with all the things we could find and make little obstacles.


Yeah it was gnarly in there. I remember the day after someone broke into the alcohol wholesaler that was next door to there, took a bunch of booze then when and smashed all the bottles at FM park. They stole thousands of dollars worth. Spot was fucked after that and would always have security.

Damn. There’s always going to be that one person who ruins good things for everyone.

No Comply

What about your first vid/mag you saw that got you hyped?

Woah, first vid or mag... I literally have no idea, hahahaha.

I never really got into videos or mags. I’ve only just started watching videos in the past two years or so.

That’s rad you didn’t nerd out video and mags. I’ve done it way too much haha

I just couldn’t get around it hey. I just enjoyed going out skating and being an absolute nuisance.

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