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Mitch Lee: Origins

Welcome to the first installation of our Origins series. Like all good super heroes, skateboarders all have great origin stories. Find out how local shredders came to be riding sidewards on stunt wood.

In the first Origins we talk to Kiama’s high flying, rebel rouser Mitch Lee. He’s light footed and quick witted so browse on and find out where the sparks started.

What is your first memory of skateboarding?

First memory…. oh, it’s a toughie. First memory would be my best friend buying a skateboard and I didn’t have one so I wanted one real bad.

So, its just the object of the skateboard?

But it was Kingpin in Shellharbour. Near the fucking movies there.

Oh, it was decked out?

Decked Out sorry, Decked Out.

Yeah right. Sick.

He bought a setup, just a Decked Out set up and I was just that keen. And that’s what got me into it. My dad had always had skateboards in the garage but I didn’t use em. But then seeing that, I had to get one.

Yeah Right.

And I got lesbian coloured wheels.

Okay so your first, wait what, haha.

Green and purple.

Do you remember what the board was?

Just a Decked Out skate shop board. Just Decked Out wheels think but Indys for trucks. And that was the one.

So, was that just mum and dad bought that for ya?

Yeah mumsy.

Do you remember your first skate spot?

First skate spot was honestly ollieing up the gutters at Gainsborough. At the fucking Pink Shops. That’s what we used to call them.

Ah the pink shops, ah sick.

Ollieing up gutters all arvo.

Yeah right. So, what was your first skate park.

First skatepark?... Was Kiama.


For sure yep.

Where we are right now, that’s sick.

Yep, KSP.

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