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Lloyd Ingram Video Part

In 2016 ,at 27 years old I, came home to Australia from living in Italy for a year.  Within the first few weeks I went to Mondo Deluxe in Wollongong City (a shop Ryan Grant was running at the time). I hadn't seen Granty for years as i moved to Sydney City when I was 18 and pretty much left my board to grow cob webs for a life djing and partying every weekend. When I saw Granty after such a long time he was no different to the happy positive vibes dude I knew when I was a grom. He asked me if I'd been skating much and told me we should go for a roll, soon after I started going for rolls with Granty and other Gong heads I hadn't seen for over a decade.

This got me really hyped to skate again also because I had just broken up w my girlfriend in Italy and realised how much skating was a good thing when you got other shit getting you down in life, so then from Christmas 2016 onwards I started skating w Granty n friends on a regular basis, we started filming tricks n mucking around w little edits to put on insta. Then 2018 I began skating a lot w Sam Giles, Marty Girotto and their team while they were working on their video Super Happy Fun Crew which Granty was producing w Danny Jenkins, Skating w Sam and Marty was amazing as I knew these two dudes as contemporaries as a teenager only they never gave up skating and both reached incredible levels in skateboarding.

This pushed me further to want to improve what I could do on my board and soon after skating and filming with those dudes Joey Lyons at Kingpin supply asked me to ride for his team. I was kinda shocked and embarrassed to be asked because I certainly did not think my abilities were capable of promoting a shop or anything that's gonna influence other skateboarders, especially as a 29 year old playing a young man's game. However at the same time I was also very flattered and certainly didn't knock back Joeys offer. Almost immediately after that Marty Baptist asked me to represent and help promote his new label Japan National which I felt privileged to be apart of as the label worked w legends such as Sid Tapia, Lee Ralph, Rhys Lee and of course Marty Baptist himself.

Now 2019 I have a 3 minute part showcasing tricks and footage filmed over these past three years that has been used to promote these brands and labels that have supported my skating as well as cameos by friends that have all contributed to this narrative. I hope anybody seeing this video can take some enjoyment out of it and any skaters seeing it feel encouraged to go skateboarding and have fun after watching it.



Video Produced and edited by Ryan Grant

Footage Filmed by Ryan Grant, Danny Jenkins and Sam Giles

Cameos by Steve Allen, Ryan Baczynski RIP, Jake C Waters and Ryan Grant

Featured music: Gang Starr - Family and Loyalty (feat J. Cole)

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