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Editor - What is your favourite skate vid of the last decade? From 2010 til now.

Lennon Strachan

One that comes to mind is Anti Hero Destination Unknown … because it’s a road trip hitting everything, parks, street, full pipes, everything and anything gets you keen to just go skate hit the road with ya m8s find spots and parks and have a good time.

Ed – Yeah nice one Lennon, that’s one of my faves too.

Saxon Anderson

Purple by Converse is up there along side Polar We Blew It At Some Point but cant beat Stay Gold.

Ed – Yeah Saxon Stay Gold is hard to top. It just scraps in. It came out in 2010.

Jae Overton

I really liked that Nike video Trustfall and the Passport video, I can’t remember much tho probably missed heaps of shit.

Ed - Ovo those came out in the last year. Any thoughts on the last decade?

Ty Jeffery

Mother fucking SPIRIT QUEST Mandable Claw (2016). Runners up Cherry, Supreme (2014), DOGBOX,

Jarryd Rees (2016) hahaaaa

Ed – That Spirit Quest video is such a wild trip. It would win best editing for a full length feature in the skate Oscars.

Sam Giles

Haven’t watched a full length since Zero Dying to Live (2002). No need to either, that video was the pinnacle of skateboarding before its ugly demise into being able to press the skip button and now hashtaggable nonsense.

Just kidding.

But serious LOL.

Ed – Amen.

Oh is Stay Gold in 2010???

Stay Gold man god damn.

Eleventh hour, vase.

Does the Dime video count as a full length hahahah

Ed- I think it counts as a full length these days. Yep over ten minutes long. Your good Ovo haha.

Hahaha maybe I could get through this Dime video! Will have to check it out.

Jarryd Rees

I’m not entirely sure if its within the decade, but Part & Parcel by Mark Lahood is by far my favourite skate video of all time. VX1000 australian full length with footage from Jack Crook, Nathan Jackson, Tom Snape, Josh Pall etc. Anything Aus vx from those guys really took the cake and influenced me heavily in my younger years. (insert emoji of smiling face, rosey cheeks and jazz hands).

Actually yeah Part n Parcel is amzing. The music throughout it worked so good too.

Probs skipped something in there though ;) haha.

Ed – Part snd Parcel was 2009 but I think we could count that one becase its Aussie and seriously underrated.

Back also when everyone was barging music which always helped.

Pete Dalmer

I’ll give the nod for Part and Parcel also. One of those vids you could happily come back to and watch again. Bon Voyage (Cliché) also springs to mind too in that era.

Ed – Oh hell yeah. Those Cliché films were so refreshing.

Callum Crinis

Extremely Sorry is my favourite from the last decade! So many good skaters all with amazing parts.

Ed – Lance!!!!!!!

Ben Laxton

Will have to say Cunnies Box by Geoff Campbell. (Insert big red love heart).

Ed – Yeah that’s a classic …. Seccy Presh has to be up there too.

Ed- Well there you have it kids. No reason to be a naïve little bastard anymore. Go do your homework and get educated. You may have to dig deep and use some dated technology to view some of these golden moments of skateboarding. Its not gonna be as easy as a goggle search on fucking You Tube.

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