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DIY Diary: Green Barrier

Words - Kane Horspool

The easiest way to not be seen is to wear hi-vis. A bright yellow vest, some witch’s hats, throw in a clipboard and your basically invisible. The ultimate camouflage.

That’s how we fixed the barrier. With the help of Jarryd Rees, we set up some traffic bollards, donned the Fluro and created a pseudo work zone on the road side. We had everything short of the silhouetted shovel man sign.

The original transition which was built by Marty G and his crew had been disturbed when a car ploughed into it. With plenty of earth built up behind the concrete lump it now leans back even more than it did before. Making for an even better transition.

I’m not gonna get into the nitty gritty ins and outs of it. Our recipe was stolen from the best concrete chefs. If you want the right ingredients go watch Cameron Markin or Austin Kanfoush, they’ve got the goods.

I dream of a city filled with little DIY spots all over it. A treasure trove of tight trannys and cutty kickers. A DIY spot is a great dream but it’s hard to maintain (just look at Mavs). But individual spots littered around like random shopping carts seem to last longer.

Construct and destroy.

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