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This diy jersey barrier, courtesy of Matt West and Marty Girotto, was a hot spot in Wollongong for a minute. It was way up in the escarpment on a road that doesn't get used all that often, except for mountain bikers, drift cars and the occasional local. One particular day i went up with Lennon Strachan to get some photos. Now this thing looks way easier to skate than meets the eye. The transition is super tight and the angle of the barrier was kinda weird, plus the road had a few mean cracks (more like chasms) in it which meant you couldn’t hit it exactly where you always wanted to. However i think a bunch of people had ideas of what they would do there but would figure out pretty quick that it would be a tall task (well i know i got humbled quick). Not a problem at all for Lenny. He destroyed it in about 30 mins knocking out a bevy of insane moves including the displayed hurricane.

Hurricane Photo - Ryan Grant

Just after the Hurricane some crew from Kiama turned up and joined the session. One of that crew was Ray Macken. Ray’s another one that gets in quick and murders a spot before you even figure out how to roll up to it. He was doing things first shot that i would of payed good money to be able to do on it. However the most insane one was this 180 switch nose grind, which once again was no problem. Both of these gentleman may seem to be at opposite ends of skate styles and eras that influence them. But as far as talent they have to be two of the best I’ve witnessed. Welcome to the Lenny and Ray show.

Howard Grind Photo - Trait

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