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Corona Colour Comp

I remember my sister got me a mindfulness colouring-in book for Christmas a few years back. Now I know I’m a troubled soul but I highly doubt adding some pigment between the lines is really going to tame these demons.

But who knows in these trying times? I’m willing to try anything. If dancing in the streets in the pouring rain wearing a tutu is going to help, then teach me ballet mother fucker I’ll give it a go. Or maybe just give me that colouring-in mindfulness exercise bullshit.

We will do one better. We give you the Beatniks Corona Colouring-in Competition. Steal some crayons and colour pencils off your younger siblings and get creative. Fill that void of social interaction with mindful bliss whilst prettying up the side profile of Ty Jeffery. We give you this portrait of Ty to make with what you like. Colour him in or give him a series of face tats like your favourite trap rapper.

Download the file and get creative. Hashtag it #beatnikscolouringin. We will share the most creative ones. With more to come through the weeks of this monotonous, draconian lock down from some more of Wollongong’s finest doodlers.

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