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So fellas how long has “Bromance” in the works for?

Lloyd - 3 months ?

Matt - Yeah we had the idea to do bromance about three months ago. Lloyd nailed it haha

What was the idea behind it?

Lloyd - Each time Matt and I used to go for a roll, if we filmed anything I’d put to story and use music from insta. The stories started getting bigger and became a long process beat matching the stories together so thought we should save the clips and make something with i movie

Matt - I think the idea for bromance came up pretty naturally. We were just skating a lot together, filming and having fun.

Is this the first time you guys have ever edited a skate clip?

Matt - I’ve put clips together before but I guess never a “full part”

the exciting thing about this project was it can be bigger and better than just a inta story. Plus the process of working with Lloyd bringing different refreshing ideas to make one clip is cool.

Well you both did a great job, ol Martin Scorsese would be proud! The music and the pace of the edit worked really well. Did you have any inspiration on how you wanted the vid to look/feel?

Matt - I was just going with the flow. Just having fun and not taking things to seriously. Huf was definitely on my mind when we got some of my clips, oh and that interface video with huff and friends, in my head haha east coast baby

Lloyd - I think that TWS part that Matt mentioned was def a huge influence, especially as Matt also said Huf passing during the time we were out skating , it was on our minds a lot

EE3 was also another big one I drew inspiration from and not that I was expecting to be able to replicate a part like that but just to be inspired to skate raw street and natural lines y’know , like Matt’s line down Burelli street

Yeah you can feel that classic east coast skateboarding throughout.

What about favourite clips in “Bromance”?

Lloyd - I like Matt’s Krooked 180 on up ledge, the shoes, the ollie up the curb , the zoom to smile at the end

Same w the blunt pop out fakie , that same smile and bus going past in background

Matt - Oh man for me the shv on the Port bank. That thing is fucking hard to skate and it just looked so flowing. Like he’s been skating for years, but the man just has endless style you know.

Lloyd - Tsszzerr !

Matt - I think filming the bump over rail was sick to. It was real spontaneous, we were just driving home after skating all arvo and was just about to rail.

All those clips are so good! The bump to bar is such a classic Wollongong spot and not always skateable as the owner of the Muffler shop lives behind it. Back 180 is so rad!

Thanks for the insight fellas. It’s so great to see people still interested in holding on to footage and putting effort into a project. Anything else you guys want to add?

Lloyd-Thank You Granty for helping us w Tittles and Kingpin supply for supporting Wollongong skateboarding

Matt - Yes ! Thank you Granty, kingpin, beatniks. I had a blast. When we skating next boys. No bail gun. Maybe haha

Lloyd - This arvo ?

Matt - Yeah I’m keen

Watch "Bromance" here -

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