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Bima Moechyi - Top 3's

Im pretty sure most of Wollongong has seen Bima's infectious smile either cruising on his pushy around town, ripping at the Harbour curbs or in the kitchen at Balinese Spice magic. His stoke for life and the good things about it will make you as equally stoked. Thats a rare thing in life where most people are too busy looking at their phone and not connecting with the world and people that inhabit it. We hit up this bagus* human for some of his Top 3's.

Gong skateboarders


-Jarryd Rees

-Jordan Marsh

Gong spots

-Harbour curbs

-Campus east parking lot

-the mall, Crown Street

Late night Bima living up to his name - Slappy crooks

Skateboarders you like watching

-Mark Gonzales

-David Gravette

-Erick Winkowski

Passtimes other than skateboarding


-Riding moto's


Travel destinations


-New York

-British Columbia

Doesn't get any more classic of a footplant move as a Backside Boneless


-The Irishman


-Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels





Indonesian Cuisine

-Nasi goreng


-Nasi Padang

As comfortable on a curb as he is on the pass in the kitchen - Slappy Front Crooks

Aussie Cuisine

-Meat Pies

-Fish n Chips


Slappy Moves

-super fast bs 5050

-bs krook shuvit out

-bs feebs-board-hurricane



-Ryan Grant

-Ace Pelka

Things you miss about home

-Family and the boys

-my motorbikes

-street foods

Scenic Pole Jam - bet he celebrated with a bodysurf

* Indonesian slang for when something/someone is deemed to be both fantastic and cool at the same time.

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