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Belco Bowl Jam 2022

Jim, Conz and all the people that have breathed life back into the annual Belco Bowl jam out did themselves

this year. More sponsors, more prize money, more street aspects all meant way more crew and punters turned

up. Very fitting for the 21st year anniversary.

Cons does love the Gong crew...I swear

The big double set carcass huck was hectic! Leo came through with a back 180 that J Wray would approve of

Belco brings out all the elusive characters

Classic Barry Strachan shapes in a classic bowl

Lord of the bowl for 2 years running. Kizza front inzaa!

Skateboarding is in good hands

George Richards with a very pleasing frontside air "Tuck your fucking knees kids" - Jeff Grosso

Ryan Helm with a hell of a back tail transfer

Always smiling Ben Watts! I'd be smiling too if id just back 50 50 a massive double set hubba. Check @Grilf for the footage

Ive been to quite a few Bowl jams with this fella and we both agreed this was one of the best

The apple does definitely not fall far from the tree

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