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Behind the Banger - Marlon Roche

By Jarryd Rees

These clips were from the time period of when we were all filming for ‘crate diggers.’

Marlon and I had been getting clips in the arvos/ night times as it was hard for he and I to line up the same day off together. We lined it up one random weekday and decided to ambitiously drive down to Canberra, just us two for the day. We left Wollongong at 10am and went straight to the green bench spot in Kingston foreshore. (Those bench’s are actually gone now.) We got that ledge line with the 180 fakie 5-0 grind first thing in the morning.


We skated in the city during the day but we didn’t really get anything we were too stoked on. So we hit Kinsley’s chicken shop to boost our stamina. By this time, it was about an hour off dark and Marlon sporadically mentioned trying to skate the Belco triple. We both thought sure, let’s try it out.


Marlon got back biggie down the triple within a few try’s, we were stoked on that but to be honest I didn’t like the filming and it is quite a ‘rinsed’ spot in temrs of ABD’s. Marlon started throwing around a big flip and it looked promising. In the process he broke his board in the center, not completely snapped but it was definitely a hard task to muster.


Needless to say he got the trick, and I think it turned out fucking sick. The way he flicks the board and boots his foot towards the fisheye looks real good. Marlon has this hidden ‘huck’ talent, it’s ridiculous!


As you can imagine, we were super stoked with how the day went and the tricks he got. We began the drive home as satisfied boys. On Picton road, about 40 minutes from home, we managed to hit a huge log that was on the road, and so did the car travelling behind us. We were pretty stoned at this point, so putting the spare on proved to be pretty difficult, haha. We even managed to damage Marlon’s car at the bottom because we put the jack in the wrong spot… idiots.

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