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A lot of these photos were used in Wizard 2, a short run photobook I brought out some time in 2015 I think. Can’t remember the exact dates, my archiving habits aren’t my finest attribute. None the less, beyond the people who picked up a copy, these photos haven’t been since. Having plenty of time at home during COVID-19 I had the chance to go through my computer. I thought these photos ought to see the light of day again, so here’s a selection of photos from around 2012-2015.

1 Doon – Noseslide, WIN Stadium 2013. A relatively new spot, Doon has on of those timeless styles, one that’s always a pleasure to watch. This noseslide is no different.

2 Nick Rojas – FS50-50, Ultimo 2013. Nick and I lived together in Glebe for about 18months between 2013-14. We frequented Glebe mini but occasionally we’d find some spots. This ledge was thin, had a downhill run up and even steeper landing. It was a deceptively difficult spot, but Nick nailed it down and we moved on.

3 Jarryd Rees – Wallie, Unanderra 2014. A modern take on a staple spot.

4 Sam Giles – Fakie 5-0

Pete Dalmer FS Blunt, Wollongong circa2014. I think it was 2014, some spots you just expect to get kicked out of. Sculptural ledges, locked up compound, surely someone’s watching. It looked good but a big rounded edge meant this ledge wasn’t for everyone. Sam and Pete Dalmer were the ones to have it that day as a I recall.

5 Nick Rojas – Ollie

Steve Abercrombie FS180, Pyrmont circa2013, I’d drive past this spot everyday going to work. I Think we only went there once, Nick, Steve Abercrombie and I. It had a rough run up and landing. But they both got something.

6 Nick Rojas – Kickflip, Thirroul circa2014. This was a good session and this is one of my favourite photos. The pool was drained for the winter and the gap over the stairs was ideal. I took a fall, got chalked up top and fell straight into the shallow end. That ended my skating for the day but the boys produced a lot of goods. With light fading the dark sky really makes the photo I think. We eventually go kicked out but it remains a memorable spot.

7 Pat McKinnon – BS Tailslide, Port Kembla 2013. Pt with a beautiful trick to match a beautiful spot.

8 Kezza – Madonna to tail, Fez 2012. This is surely the iconic Kezza trick, we’ve all seen him drop in the speed ramp straight to the corner, Madonna tail, sit down, talk shit. I used this photo for the cover of the first Wizard photobook, the only place it belonged.

9 Jarryd Rees – BS Tail, Bombo circa2014. Jarryd had an idea for a photo, from memory he had a different trick in mind, but the tailslide was the one for this spot.

10 Marty Girotto – Ollie over the channel, Five Dock circa 2014. As usual Marty dominated the park, he made it look like a mini ramp and that bowl is an easy 10foot deep.

11 Pat McKinnon – FS Blunt transfer to fakie, Figtree circa2014. Figtree log is another iconic spot. Plenty has gone down over it but not a lot across it. It’s my belief that Pat shut down a short lived trend with this trick.

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