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Kieran Woolley Interview

Frontside Boneless - Photo Ryan Grant

Boneless One - Ryan Grant

You recently have done yourself a mischief, what happened?

MMM, I was working on my Kickflip Indy's at Bondi and came out of one a bit funny. My tibia snapped on the way past

Thats rough! Did you know straight away it was broken?

Yes i said it was but the boys told me to harden up. The next day I got an X-ray and it was a compound break.

Yeah in the footage it looks like you know. You will be back in no time though!

I know how energetic you are so it must be a little frustrating. What are you doing to pass the time?

Yes, I'll be back. Bigger and stronger!

I'm filming and editing when I can, watching clips and I'm even fingerboarding

Frontside Pivot - Ryan Grant

Haha you will be a pro fingerboarder soon! You were quite the competitive surfer before getting into skating. What made you focus on skateboarding instead?

I always loved surfing and skateboarding but when Dad broke his neck I couldn't get out surfing as much. I started skating more and I just didn't stop! I love it.

Yeah that was a crazy thing that happened to your Dad. (Broke his neck surfing their local surf spot) Glad he was all ok and is going strong again! Speaking of your Dad (and Family) you guys travel to go skateboarding more than anyone i know! What has been the most memorable trip over the last 6 months?

Well late summer was one big trip, Melbourne, Bondi, Bateau, Bar Beach, Manly. That was epic. I love all those places. Too many good memories.

Frontside Invert - Mark Woolley

I figured it would be hard to pick one as you guys never stop haha All those places have great parks and have competitions you have done well at. When do you realise you wanted to skate competitively?

I was competitive surfing so it was a natural progression. I was skating at Bondi and a guy there convinced me I should go to a competition there that weekend. I went to the comp, made the finals and got hooked. I have learnt so much since then and there is so much more to learn

Yeah you took off running thats for sure! What has been your most memorable contest?

Wow there are lots of awesome memories. Vans Park series at Huntington Beach was my first big comp and pretty wild. Bowlarama is a show but my highlight so far would have to be winning the Junior Australian Bowlriding Championship at Bar Beach. And it was on your birthday!

Hip ollie - Mark Woolley

Haha yeah that was a rad way to spend my birthday! You killed it! What made you want to skate with rails?

I love rails, they side well, look good and keep the graphics looks sweet! Also dad loves rails because he is really old.

He isn't that old! After the recovery what is next for you Kieran?

Back skating and having fun. Hitting street and bowls, maybe a Melbourne trip and some comps and then hopefully off to the states in October fingers crossed.

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