Black Books: Nathan Laidlaw

By Kane Horsepool

Nathan Laidlaw is a shredder from Sanctuary Point, Jervis Bay. He has a super smooth style on the board, making it look effortless. He also draws some great lines on paper too. Although his two-dimensional work is far more unconventional and unique.

After attempting to ‘inherit’ creative abilities from his uncle he has been crating his own

skills in visual arts. We were struck by the amazing faces series he has been creating which feature some of the areas most loveable skateboarders. But his abilities are not just limited to a niche idea, we can see bright things emanating from his truly original line work.

Get ya eyes crossed on these twisted faces.

Hey Nathan. Tell us about these faces? When did you start drawing them?


So it began when a friend messaged me to draw him, I was kinda drunk but did it anyway, looking down at what I had drawn, I had an idea. I decided I’d ask people to dm me a photo of themself for me to draw. After drawing about 7 people I thought to myself what if I was to draw 36 different people to sorta recreate an earlier project I did of cartoon faces, 

but this time with drawings of real people, so I made an Instagram account called, “flatheads” and went from there.

They are kinda psychedelic, like something out of a Hunter S Thomson trip. Were you inspired by anything or did they come about organically?

Not really. I just basically went off the photo they sent me, and recreated it in my style. Enjoying a cigarette after I was done.

What's your background with art? Have you been drawing since diapers or did you pick it up later on?

I’m not to sure when exactly I started drawing, but I do remember in year 3, the teacher wanted me to stop drawing on my work books, so she sticky taped to the table, that paper you put hot chips in, and I was beyond stoked.

Then I went to town filling it up over the course of like 2 or 3 days. The teacher would replace it with another piece of paper when I was done and I would do it again and again.

My favourite part was when I pissed off the scripture teacher when I showed her my sacrilegious drawing. While she was having a sook to my teacher, trying to get me suspended, my teacher told her to shut up and to let the boy express himself and I got off scot free.

Have you had any art training or any plans to do so?

I would like to create a funny children’s book one day, so in April I’m going to sign up for a course that focuses on illustration. Wish me luck.


Does skateboarding influence your art?

Yes of course.

Skateboarding being one of my main interests, and something that I love to do, I feel like with both skating and art, you have to be open minded, and do what YOU want/like to do without letting people try to dictate what you should be doing.